Common Questions

What we do?

Shockoe is a Mobile Development Firm focused on Strategy, Experience Design, and App Development We design and develop apps to complement digital products and emerging experiences for some of the world’s leading companies.

Do we have an Industry focus?

We create apps for the entire supply chain – from Agriculture to Manufacturing and Logistics to Retail and Consumer Goods. As a result, we have built apps for Grocery Stores, Financial Firms, Insurance Companies, Consumer Goods, Retail Shops, and Pharma – We aim to get involved in a variety of projects to make sure that we are well versed in the mobile technology landscape.

Where are we located?

While our home office is located in beautiful Richmond, VA – We work where our clients ask us to; from places like Florida to California and Montreal to Toronto.  We have been as far south as Chile and as far east as China.  Oh, the places we’ll go to take part in the show.

Can we provide references?

We began our business in 2010; back in the early days of mobile. The majority of those customers still rely on us as trusted partners. Who are the customers that no longer work with us? The ones we trained through our training services program. So, yes. Ask us about a customer, and we will provide you a reference.

What does the start of an engagement look like?

“Begin with the end in mind” is the 2nd habit of Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The driving rationale behind this habit is that if you envision what you want in the future, you can work and plan towards it. Utilizing this approach when managing Mobile App development projects is a central tenet to Shockoe’s project success.

We begin vision casting with our clients early and often. Project initiation is where the nature and scope of a project is determined – read more on one of our posts.

How do we design experiences for new technologies?

Its harder than you think, we are designing for three-dimensional layouts taking into account environments that we can no longer fully control, imagine designing an Augmented Reality app, where the reality portion of it could take place in various different cities, or a Virtual Reality app for a new ride where the user can look in several directions, its complex.  Luckily our team of Experience Designers can walk you through it.  If you have the time, read one of our latest blog posts.

We begin vision casting with our clients early and often. Project initiation is where the nature and scope of a project is determined – read more about our approach on one of our posts.

What can I expect out of a project from Shockoe?

While we would love to tell you, we feel its better if you read a blog written by one of our very own Project Managers, it starts with a letter to you, our new client –

“We are so glad you have trusted Shockoe to help accomplish your business goals.  We understand that for this particular project, you need to design and build a new mobile app for your users.  Here are some highlights of what you can expect throughout the course of this project…”